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Do you like Farmville ?
You are part of a very large group.

Farmville Farmers!!

Farmville had over 70 million daily users as of last December. There are more and more people joining the ranks of FarmVille every day. No one can get enough of this game and there are plenty of reasons why.
Farmville-on-Facebook.com is here helping in your efforts to maintain and grow and build.

In FarmVille, you can get away from the noise and stress of everyday life. Just relax, plant some seeds, harvest some crops – not a bad way to spend an evening and as you do this, you'll naturally advance in levels over time.
This site has hints links to other sites and getting stared hints to help.

Have a look around !

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You to can Help others grow.

Put up your ultimate Farmville discoveries!

leave a helpfull hints for others

such as crops to grow, how to get up the levels faster

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The good hints and tips I will incorperate into this site.

I will be adding more links and tips as the site grows.

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